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Velo is a specialist, award-winning B2B marketing agency that’s built on recommendation.

Focusing on reaching niche audiences, we craft marketing to be proud of.

Who are our team?

We are a talented team packed full of curious minds, inventive creatives and strategic thinkers who understand the value of niche marketing.

Just like you, we want to amplify what’s brilliant about your company, product or service by listening, cultivating and targeting the right audience at the right time with the right message.
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Winners of The Drum Recommends Award for B2B Marketing
Rated as "Recommended" for 17 different services by The Drum Recommends
Finalist in over 50 awards categories to date, with more added every year

Who do we work with?

We are proud to be niche marketers. We relish working with some of the trickiest tech and the most ingenious equipment, and by making the complex clear, we surpass our clients’ expectations, making marketing a key contributor to sales objectives and delivering crucial ROI in the process.

We work with three key sectors:


  • Cloud & SaaS
  • Managed Services especially Cybersecurity
  • Ed Tech

Professional Services

  • Training, Consultancy & Business Intelligence
  • Outsourcing & Facilities Management
  • Building Services


  • Health & Safety
  • Precision Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Medical Device Manufacturing

And we do our best work for companies operating in all three.

How do we do it?

We always start with “why”

It is only by achieving an in-depth understanding of the drivers behind brand comms, integrated marketing or customer experience that we can craft B2B marketing our clients will be proud of. As a people-powered business, we believe it’s essential that all of our team understand this vital why-factor, to ensure they can build close relationships based on integrity, respect and value-led partnerships.

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We use the right people, at the right time who strive to deliver the best we can.

This is why we bill using “agency time” to make sure the entire might of Velo is available to every client.

Our senior agency staff are involved in every relationship and our agency culture dictates only those who “do the right thing” join the team, so are confident that every single member of the Velo team will excel working with you.

Our team

We collect, listen to and share our client feedback because it keeps us honest, accountable and powers our reputation.

We gather insight formally through an independent research firm, and informally through close client relationships to drive the agency forward.

We believe that by listening to our clients and our team we will innovate, stay relevant and ensure everything we do delivers value.

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We are fully committed to continuously building and sharing relevant knowledge for B2B marketers who target a niche.

We never sit still. We continuously add to our knowledge through the work we do and the people we work with. Every member of the Velo team is encouraged to add to their own expertise towards mastery of B2B marketing.

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Built on recommendations, Velo is a specialist B2B marketing agency that crafts marketing to be proud of for clients targeting a niche in the technology, industrial, and professional services sectors.
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