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B2B buying behaviour has changed. The importance of powerful and relevant content that focuses on audience challenges and pain points, and goes beyond features and functions cannot be overstated. But doing this in practice is harder than it looks. 

At Velo, we help you create a robust content strategy that connects with all your audiences in the right way, at the right time and supports your sales process. Our expert team of multi-media specialists and former journalists research, interview and create content that includes everything from podcasts to video scripts, white papers to success stories, thought-leadership blogs and beyond. They all have one thing in common; to tell complicated stories clearly and captivate your audiences.

The source of your content is irrelevant. It’s what the content does for the reader or viewer that matters.

Business leaders don’t just look at one type of content before making a buying decision. That’s why you need a content strategy that is about much more than just the format. The options are endless – podcasts, eBooks, video and written case studies, award entries, blog posts, whitepapers, social posts, web pages – and (of course!) we produce them all.

What’s more important is what your content says, what it does for the recipient – educate, inform or entertain – and how your content is distributed and shared with your audiences. Too many B2B marketers suffer from crafting great content that is never read. That’s why we combine our strong editorial skills from our strategists, writers and editors with our outstanding marketers so the dots are joined, and every ounce of value is achieved from your content.

Your content is an asset that must deliver results. It can only do this when it’s integrated into a well-thought-out content marketing strategy. At Velo, our team always start with defining the audiences first, so we can get under the skin of their pain points and challenges. Then we build powerful value propositions and devise messaging to target each audience with relevant storylines to help you own a point of view in your sector that differentiates you in market, with your customers and your prospects, and reinforces your brand positioning.

We’re well versed in devising content calendars to ensure a regular cadence of top-notch content that’s right for your audience, and we’re always on hand to deliver quick, responsive content to support ABM or up-to-the minute marketing campaigns that nurture your leads.

With a team packed full of former journalists who are skilled at in-depth researching to understand complicated markets, products and solutions, our sweet spot is translating your messages into the enticing, dynamic content your audiences want to see. We know that content that evokes an emotional reaction, especially one where the reader or viewer recognises their own situation, will stick in the minds of your audiences. That’s why we combine this approach with detailed narratives and powerful story-telling techniques so that each asset is as impactful as it can be.

Our services:

  • Content audits, measurement and planning
  • Messaging, storytelling and narratives
  • Value proposition formation
  • Social media content and strategy
  • Content performance and optimisation
  • Internal communications messaging and content
  • Editorial writing, including whitepapers, blogs, articles, case studies, playbooks
  • Promotional writing, including email content, website copy, brochures, ads, social media feeds
  • Video scripting and storyboarding
  • Copywriting and guidelines
  • Lead generation and nurture content
  • Content marketing

Case study - Crowcon

A new creative direction for the market leader in gas safety solutions

We developed a new creative direction that made sure the Halma-owned company’s products, ethos and expertise would stand out. Through creative and copy, we ensured that Crowcon’s comprehensive product information was presented in a manner that would be beneficial to both their customers and staff.

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