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Branding and Storytelling

Are you clear on your brand’s personality? Does everything you produce reinforce this identity? Do the stories you tell through your content help contribute to this brand identity? How does storytelling influence the perception your customers have of your organisation?  Let’s be clear. This is not just about your logo or the nice brochures you have in reception. We’re talking about your company’s identity, values, positioning and how storytelling can affect the perception your team and your customers have of your company.

Campaigns and Programs

Award-winning, results-driven marketing campaigns are not single discipline. They reply on multi-channel, multi-message strategies that reach specific audiences with the right content at the right time. That’s why we hold specialisms from across the marketing spectrum; from ABM, paid media and email nurture, to content, video and event marketing.

Content Strategy and Creation

B2B buying behaviour has changed. The importance of powerful and relevant content that focuses on audience challenges and pain points, and goes beyond features and functions cannot be overstated. But doing this in practice is harder than it looks.

Customer Experience & Advocacy

Focusing on just finding and engaging new customers is a mistake. We believe that customer success, retaining and cross-selling to existing customers is an exceptional engine for growth. When executed brilliantly, it can build an audience of advocates who recommend your business and find new customers on your behalf.

Events and experiential

Events are the most potent form of experiential marketing, evoking positive emotions beyond the product or service.  At Velo, we have over 20 years of expertise in curating experiences, promoting attendances and building award-winning events and experiences of all sizes – whether external events for customers and prospects or internal events for your employees.

Case study - McGraw-Hill

Selling more than just textbooks to the world's educators

McGraw-Hill Education is one of the world’s largest educational publishers and we work with their global teams helping them engage students, faculty and educators in new and innovative ways. As their digital partner, we’ve launched a range of multi-channel campaigns around their products.

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