What is impacting your business success most?

Technology companies (probably out of necessity to self-fund or attract investment to develop and grow) are very sales focused. This means that often spend is centred on tactical acquisition, rather than differentiation marketing across the customer lifecycle.

Technology companies are great at presenting their offer in crisp, simple terms, but often don’t speak the language of their ideal customers. This is often because there is rarely someone with insight into the customers’ experience on the inside.

According to a recent Slideshare study, inefficient support is often the primary reason why up to 67% of customers cancel a technology subscription. This is a clear consequence of customer experience initiatives often being given lower propriety than acquisition.

For technology companies, a deliberate low barrier to entry facilitates quick and easy sales, but ensuring that customers fully understand and can utilise the features and benefits of the product is often overlooked.

Because of the way the industry has been established - predicated on trial and conversion to sale - there are inevitably challenges within the customer pathway, not least in retaining customers and moving a healthy number onto more expensive packages or advocate status.

Priorities for technology marketers

Branding & Storytelling

Your brand needs to speak to the needs and values of your audience. A compelling brand story taps into your audience’s emotions and aspirations, and communicates your business’s how, what and why in a visceral and memorable way.

Campaigns & Programs

Finding and engaging new customers in your target industries or from your ideal customer accounts, alongside communications across your customer lifecycle calls for creativity and a programmatic, data-led approach.

Content Strategy & Creation

We bring your unique story to life with compelling thought leadership and customer stories, producing information that the new generation of B2B buyers are using to assess products and services.

Customer Experience & Advocacy

Accelerating time to value for your customers so that their investments pay back rapidly leads to loyalty, advocacy and business growth. This needs tailored support and comms across land, adopt, expand and renew phases.

Velo works with technology businesses who are often deploying at significant scale:

  • Ed Tech, eLearning and InsurTech
  • Cloud/SaaS particularly those targeting HR, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Health & Safety, Planning, Operations and the C Suite
  • Managed IT services including wireless & mobility, IoT, collaboration, security (especially cybersecurity) and data analytics and planning platforms

Few technologies have a complete uniqueness and, even if they do, they will be quickly replicated. This means the product, its benefits and story have to be completely aligned and rooted in the customer experience. Successful technology companies that recognise that their customers are the product and begin to build a brand around them are the ones that will develop raving advocates and grow immeasurably.

Living up to the promise matters.
And that’s when we come in.

Case study

Velo Marketing understands the complexities of my business and functions as an extension of my team. They are always my go-to agency when I need high-quality deliverables turned around quickly. I know that I can bring them a request and they will elevate it to drive a higher impact than my original concept. The Velo team is a joy to work with.

Manager, Digital Partner Experience, Cisco


With over 70,000 employees around the world, Cisco technology has been powering the internet since 1984. We’ve been working with this global technology titan as its agency of choice since 2011.

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It's a pleasure to work with Velo. Their final product is outstanding - I couldn't have been more pleased. And it was a direct line to get there: they listen, they ask good clarifying questions, and they put to use everything they've heard. I found Velo to be a great creative partner and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Global Partner Sales Enablement Manager, Anaplan


Anaplan is a pioneering market leader in Connected Planning. With over 2,200 employees in 13 countries, Anaplan supports enterprise businesses (including three of the ‘The Big Four’), connect their people, data, and plans.

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Velo is my go-to agency and I don't plan to change that any time soon!

Partner Marketing Manager, Nokia


Nokia's networking division specializes in developing and delivering a wide range of telecommunications equipment and solutions, focusing on the deployment of high-speed, secure, and scalable networks for mobile and fixed broadband, IP routing, and optical networks. This includes the creation and management of advanced technologies like 5G and IoT, aimed at transforming connectivity for individuals, businesses, and societies globally

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A brilliant agency that is growing in strength and offering every year. Velo is a genuine extension of my team. I trust them to deliver, and they don’t let me down. As a rule, I do not generally make recommendations on agencies to use, but I do with Velo.

Senior Manager, Global Customer Advocacy, Sage


Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems. With over 13,000 employees, Sage supports millions of entrepreneurs across 23 countries with advice, software and tools that manage everything finance to operations and people.

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