What it means to ‘do the right thing’

Velo’s ESG Report – 2022/3​

Since our inception in 2010, we have been guided by our company motto – ‘do the right thing’. This is not only our everyday working mantra, but the epicentre of our strategy on environment, social and governance (ESG) that focuses on three key areas:

Do the right thing for our people

Be a place where the best people want to work and grow

Do the right thing for our planet

Crafting B2B marketing to be proud of in every way

Do the right thing for our partners

Lead by example and influence others

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For our people, we:

  • Make our work environment a place where the best talent wants to work and grow.
  • Promote a healthy balance between home and the office.
  • Are a place where ability is recognised and rewarded – irrespective of background.

Learn more about our support for charities and what it is like to work here.

For our peopleTargetPerformance
Increase team satisfaction> 80%83%
Increase eNPS> 5055
Have the highest Glassdoor rating of any UK-based B2B agencyHigher than peer group of B2B agencies4.7/5 Glassdoor rating, highest amongst our peers
Foster team development100%100%
Be more diverse and inclusive than the UK average> 19% - ethnic minority representation30.4% - ethnic minority representation
Have a smaller gender gap than industry average> 17.8%1.4%
Introduce new early talent to the industry every year1 position created1 position created

For our planet, we have:

  • Measured our impact using carbon accountancy tool, Sage Earth, which aligns with Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards.
  • Committed to being one of more than 4,000 businesses around the world that have applied to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
  • Analysed workflow, methodology and marketing approaches to make sure that the carbon impact of assets is considered when choices are being made.

See our live offsetting Ecologi dashboard here.

For our planetTargetPerformance
Net zeroScope 1 and 2 by end of 2022Scope 1 and 2 achieved by end of 2022
Net zeroScope 1,2 and 3 by end of 2023Achieved using carbon credits

For our partners, we have:

  • Led by example and shared our experiences through advocacy for ESG initiatives.
  • Proactively supported our clients on their ESG journeys to amplify the impact they can have.
  • Worked only with those who share our values.
  • Overhauled our new business pitch process to be ruthlessly focused on working with the right companies and limiting the number of new business pitches we conduct to minimise waste.

See examples of our work in our ESG report.

For our partnersTargetPerformance
Only partnered with companies who share our valuesAudit to be completedComplete
Filtered clients as sources of unacceptable levels of stress0%0%
Remained compliant with ESG requirements of clients100% compliance with all clients100% compliance with all clients
Managed ESG-related projectsFor 20% of Velo’s core clientsFor 25% of Velo’s core clients
Supported charity partners through fundraising and pro bono activity120 hours per annum85.5 hours £1,600 raised

Download our ESG report

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This is just the beginning.  As we explain in our ESG report, we have more to do. We know that many other businesses are also looking to develop their own approach to ESG. We can help support you in that journey, either by helping you tell your own story or by sharing our experiences.​

If you’d like to talk about anything related to ESG or how we can help you refine and amplify your ESG efforts, we’d love to treat you to a coffee (in a Velo reusable cup, of course!).

Paul Crabtree, MD
On behalf of the Velo Senior Leadership team​

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